English Writing – Literacy Class


I go to an unusual school. It’s called Liger Learning Center (LLC). Currently there are only 50 students in this school. Students here do not pay money to come to school because we all were selected by doing difficult tests. This school is a boarding school which is so different from most of the schools in Cambodia because a lot of them are just government or private schools that students go to learn in the morning and then come back in the afternoon. As Liger is a boarding school, there are presently four houses. Those houses are for students who are from the provinces. We learn five days a week, but our study curriculum does not follow the government schools. We have this irregular class which is called Exploration. Exploration is the class that we focus on one subject and learn about it for seven weeks. There are usually four explorations during seven weeks. A lot of Explorations have trips to go outside into provinces or other countries. During the weekends we have other activities such as Karate, Khmer Dance, Hip Hop and Frisbee. These classes are chosen by the students themselves. All students can rest and do their homeworks on weekend also and get ready to class on Monday. Out of all I think that this is a really good school because we do not copy the learning curriculum from other school and we have special opportunities to learn new things from a lot of people in different ways.