Speech and Debate

Aside from picking a topic and debate for an hour, we redirect our focus on strategies used in speaking or even the voices that are stated in pictures. That includes formal speeches, presentation, posters or flyers in the advertisement. In other words, we learned about rhetorical appeals. There are three which are Ethos,  Pathos, and Logos. Ethos is about how you convince an audience of your credibility. Pathos appeals to emotion which could sometimes be irrational and unpredictable  Logos is the use of logic and reason, using factual knowledge to convince the audience.  For example, analogy, examples, citations of research or statistics. After trying to comprehend these three rhetorical appeals, we took it to another level by applying one of these three when giving a one-minute speech. You are given three words. Then you need to make connections between the three words and give a persuasive speech using one of the three appeals. It’s very useful to take a closer look at the art of persuasion because, in our daily life, we apply these strategies in our speech without even noticing it. 

Solar Pi Grant Writing

In order to get funds to implement the Solar Pi project in two pilot schools, a grant proposal was required. This money is to support the Solar Pi Exploration Round 2, which I am not a part of.

Summary of Solar Pi Exploration: Implement Solar Pi into two government schools to test out the program. If it works well within these two schools, the program can be expanded in a wider range Cambodia. Solar Pi runs by using the converted energy from the sun; it has a long-term durability. In countries like Cambodia, it’ll be an advantage because of the vast amount of sunlight. By using Solar Pi, little to no money is required, unlike electricity. We can install offline applications including English and 3D program that students can self-teach during free time. This will raise their proficiency to the highest levels before graduating from high school which will further be beneficial for the students and Cambodia. 

However, without the money, the project won’t process. The grant is strenuous. You have to understand most parts of the project, have every little piece of information, brainstorm an outline for the grant, and finally, fill out all the sections of the grant. Furthermore, persuasive language is necessary. It was really quite a challenge because it was my first time. Lastly, the grant was finalized and sent out and hopefully, it’ll be accepted! 

Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP Com Sci)

Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP CS) is a course of programming. In this class, we learn how to code with Java. These first several weeks, we learned how to use basic calculations, learned about primitive types and non-primitive types of data and studied the foundations. The class is a preparation for the AP Stats exam in February.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is an event where a school hosted and invites their own students and other schools to join. In this event, there are different classes and all the students that participate in here represent different countries. Between 23rd and 25th October, my other nine friends and I participated in the the fourth year of ISSP MUN. It was the first time for all of us. When I just knew that I have been chosen to participate in that event, I felt so surprised although i didn’t even know what is MUN. After my teacher, Jan, told me, I started to feel anxious and thrilled because it’s a good opportunity for me to explore new things and have new experiences with others, but I only have about five days to prepare. All my other friends have more time than me to prepare because they worked on those five nights (2 hours each night) with our teachers. For me,

Economy Basic Learning

This is the project that shows what I’ve been learning in Economy class for seven weeks.


The scientists have found that if human eat carrots, it makes them more clever, stronger, healthier and better for their eyes. Before scientists found that, the price for 4 kg (Q1) of carrots was 5$ (P1). After scientists found that, the price increases up to 10 $ (P2) for 7 kg (Q2) of carrots sold. In the graph, you could see the demand shifted out (increased) after this discovery. When the demand shifted out, it created a new equilibrium point. This happened because of people’s tastes and preferences. The new equilibrium point shows the prices and number of quantity sold both increased.

Filming Description

Name of Course: Filmmaking

Learning Facilitator: Mr. Jeff

Number of Students: 12

Dates: January 19 – March 27

Days we Meet: Thursday and Friday

Course Description: Our group studied about filmmaking. When we started to study our Advanced Enrichment we started to study in Internet by watching a video and how many kinds of the tricks that they used to do their videos. When we studied in the Internet already we all started to make one video that talked about the book. When we made the video we were not taking the video in video camera. Our way was we took a picture then we put it in the folder in our computer. Then we used one program in our computer to do our sponser video book. That program is called Movie Maker. Then when we did it already we started a new things. The new thing is that we took a picture of our school then we made it into a video and that video we needed to make it perfect. Some ways that we can make us to have a good video is that our video needed to have three things: 1. good sound on the video 2. picture is clear 3. have a good information. Then our filmmaking thought about a new ideas. Some people thought that they wanted to make a movie about the sticky hand can play the Minecraft in the computer. Some more people said they would like to do a movie about the stickman dancing and one more big ideas was they like to make a movie about the stick girl. We thought that this was very important things so we started to make a movie. The movie like stick men, sticky hand, it just took only a little bit of time but for the stick girl movie it took very long time to make a movie. The title of the movie that talked about the girl was Charlie Lima. This story was really hard to film because we have many scenes to film and one scene maybe took for two days to film because is hard and this story told about the stick girl wanting to be like a human. So it was a little bit related to the people so we needed to make the stick girl look real. That video took us nearly one month to make this movie and until now we not finished yet. Unfortunately the time went so fast so we don’t have enough time to finish our movie but we hope we will. Filmmaking group were really excited because they can study how to make a video and acting and how it hard when we do the movie. Everyday of our study we were trying hard and working together as a team and everyone was happy. We all were really happy to study about filmmaking because filmmaking is the part of the things that is important for us.

Charlie Lima Website: https://d3hzrtb9p6to3i.cloudfront.net/e0/00c290b5ae11e3af71fdca9d7f259a/CharlieLima.mp4

Algebra A Description

Name of Course: Algebra A

Learning Facilitator: Jeff Boucher

Number of Students: 14

Dates: August 12 – January 16

Days we Meet: Monday – Tuesday

Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment we learned about Math. This Advanced Enrichment lasted really long and the students had a really hard time working on that. We learned the hard math by learning it step by step. There are many clever students in this class and all of them are very patient. Every day in our class the math got harder and harder but we got smarter as the time kept going. Sometimes we realized that the math that we had learned could be used in real life. The important things that we learned for the whole year were negative numbers, the Greatest Common Factors, linear equations, y=mx+b form or Slope-interception, parabolas, Quadratic formula/equation, etc. All of these math sections were very hard. It is something that people will think that it is hard because they did not try yet and for those people who try they will think it is easy. But for us here we do not think it was hard or easy we were just trying our best.


Zoology B Description

Name of Course: Zoology B

Learning Facilitator: Jojo

Number of Students: 8

Days we Meet: Thursday-Friday

Advanced Enrichment Dates: March 30 – June 12

Course Description: In the Zoology class, we studied about animals. We learned about what animals are made out of but it’s not really about physical. We also studied about cells which are all the organisms made out of. The other things that we studied were classification and types of animals (are they vertebrates or invertebrates). We used microscopes to see the cells. Sometimes in the Zoology class, some students found the fungi (mushroom) or the endoskeleton. Then we all had a look under the microscope. While we were studying about the Animal Kingdom, we used some real things like the Sand Dollars and Coral Reef to make us understand more. We used Youtube to see the videos about the things that we didn’t know. Studying Zoology must have some difficult words that we don’t know because we all are studying English and also the words in Zoology are mostly scientific words so it is hard for us. All students enjoy in Zoology because we all like learning about animals and they all are very interesting, especially Echinoderms and Cnidaria.


Scratch Description

Name of Course: Scratch

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of Students: 13

Advanced Enrichment Dates: August 12-Oct 17

Days we Meet: Thursday and Friday

Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment class we learned how to program in Scratch. Scratch is a program for making continuous animation, games, simulation, music and art. This program uses custom programming language. We learned each category of custom programming language: Motion, Control, Looks, Sensing, Sounds and Pen. Motion is moving custom program. Control is controlling custom program, for example when we click right arrow the avatar go to right. Looks is size, avatar, and communicating custom program. Sensing is sensor custom program, for example when we touch color black the avatar turn to black. Sounds is sounds custom program, for example when we press space avatar say hello. Pen is coloring custom program. We learned what the categories mean and we translated in Khmer to make more understand and remember. We played with the program to change the color to make it big. We thought what story we were going to make. Then we made the stories in Scratch. Also some of us made the games. When we had some of questions we asked teacher or our friends to help. We played with makey makey that connects to Scratch. One example of a game we made is when we touch the Earth material that connects to makey makey and the makey makey connects to computer. The computer plays the sounds.

Robotics Description

Name of Course: Robotics 2

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of Students: 13

Advanced Enrichment Dates: Session 2: Oct. 20 – Jan. 16


Days we Meet: Thursday/Friday

Course Description: In our Advanced Enrichment class we learned how to build a robot and programming. When we know how to build and program we did some challenges that teacher tell us to do so teacher can know the knowledge of us. We worked as a pair and one group have one computer for program. Robot we build it from a lego brick. We used touch sensor, light sensor, gyro sensor, and ultrasonic sensor to do the challenge. The challenge that teacher gave us to do have like to help a people from a dragon and follow the shape such as a square. When we do a challenge that teacher give us to do is our robot low battery so we need to charge and spend more time on it. Sometimes we need a teacher to help us on programming a robot because it’s a hard part to learn in robot class. When we did a challenge finish at the end of the class we have a sumo game for a robot.