Ministry Day

On 12th January, 2015, the second day we came back from a 3-week holiday, Liger had a big event. There were about 50 people coming here including 34 high school principals in Phnom Penh and from the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. The event was created for Liger students to offer a presentation that indicates what we do at Liger. There were seven presentations in different locations that were presented for seven times as we were doing a rotation every 30 minutes. On that day, I was in Liger Learning Model group and I presented about assessment on Changing Cambodia. Below is what I presented about:

How did I:
– think about change
– raise awareness about necessary change
– try to promote and encourage change
– develop the possibility of change
– actually create change in Cambodia this year

On the day before, I’ve practiced presenting lots of times both in Khmer and English. All the other groups had finished rehearsing and seemed to be ready for the next day, but not for my group. That made me a bit nervous and didn’t feel confident enough, but I still did it anyway. When the next day arrived, I was ready to go. The first time I presented, I was a bit scary, but as I did the presentation a lot of times, it was getting much more convenience. I think everyone did a really great job on presenting although we had only one day to rehearse, but at the end we still got a lot of good comments from them.