Women of the Future poem

Women of the Future

I am a child.
I am all the things of my past.
I am the technologist of my mother, strong and intelligent.
I am the thinker of my father, tall and competent.
I am the braininess of my mother.
I am all I see
My little brother studying hard, to prepare for his test and quiz.
Mom cooked food in the evening for whole family.
Talling buildings that are always changing.
My friends studying and discussing with me in the class.

I am all I hear
Water dropping off the plants.
Sound of people singing.
Wind blowing the leaves like boiling water.
People throwing rubbish like the sound of stepping on plastic.
I am all I feel and taste
Stepping on the wet floor.
Flavourful taste of fried ginger with pork, I eat with my family.
Cool weather at night in the forest.
Fried potato chips my parents made for me.
And all I remember.
The first trip with the whole school.
Going to Phnom Tamao zoo.
Playing with my old friend in the school.
Finding out the answer in math class.

I am all I have been taught
Learning grammar in all of my school.
Writing article and essay in class.
Typing on the computer.
Playing football and swimming.

I am all I think
Cambodia will become a developed country.
People reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic.
Children will get more education.
All people will have good livelihoods.
I am all those things.
I am like a puppy.
And these things are my mew
But one day
I will escape
And be free
I’m the women of the future. Malika

Poverty in Cambodia Description

ssential Questions: What are the main factors that causes Cambodians in poor and What will be the new vision to improve poverty situation in Cambodia.
Exploration name: Poverty in Cambodia
Exploration Dates: 9 February- 31 March 2015
Number of students: 13
Course Description: In this project students will learn about the problems in their community which make people in poor condition as well as the poverty situation in Cambodia. We will do research of other countries too to see the differences or similarities of poverty in other society in the world. Moreover, students will do study trip to Ministry of labor and vocational training, Ministry of Rural and development NGO in Cambodia. We want to get to know the work that Ministries are doing, their mission, vision and solution, and the function of NGO. We will go to Kompong Chhang province to interview people at Community Poverty Reduction to know about their work with HIV people and the money saving group; how this NGO helps community’s living, keeps it moving forward, and be a model for others.

Liger Tech Support Description

Exploration Name: Tech Support
Learning Facilitator: Max
Exploration Dates: August 13-Oct 3, 2014
Number of Students: 12

Description: Tech Support was the first Exploration of the second year. In Tech Support we learned about technology and helping other organizations, NGOs and Liger with their technology problems. On the first day Max, our facilitator taught us a little bit about the ideas that he made this Exploration. On the next day we started to learn more about technology. We learned about the parts of computers (hardware). On the second week we had a trip to Singapore! Before that day we prepared our clothes in our backpacks. When we arrived at the airport our parents came to say goodbye to us. We were so sad but we were also happy. On the plane people were talking to each other, some people hurt their ears because it’s hard to hear up there in the sky. When we arrived in Singapore we had to wait for the checker to check our passports. After we finished the check step there was a big surprise for us because Robert (the former head of Liger) came and was waiting for us. He came and said hello to us, we were shocked. About 15 minutes later we went straight to UWCSEA South East Campus. We went there because we want to collaborate with them so we can help NGOs and organizations in Cambodia. There were seven members that worked with us. The first day that we met them we played some games to know and get familiar with each other. Then we found out our host family that we were going to sleep with for two days. Our host families were so friendly and kind. We went there and learned with an IT expert more about the hardware of the computers. On the third day we camped in UWCSEA. Also we went to the science museum to learn and have fun. Sadly on Wednesday we had to leave Singapore. When we came back we went to two organizations to help them. One of them is Tiny Toons. They have problems with their computer. We took five computers to fix at Liger. Luckily we fixed two of them already! The other organization is Green Umbrella, and they have a problem with their website so we helped to fix it.

  • The first Liger Tech Support Team

If you want to know more about UWCSEA, Tiny Toones and Green Umbrella click on the website below.


I Am From Poem

This is another type of poem that we took the format from the textbook. Every student in our school wrote their own poem and below is my writing.


I am from soccer, and basketball,

And I am from fried hot chicken, and fried ginger.

I am from school, and pagoda,

And I am from frisbee, and typing web.

I am from my aunt, my parents, and my friends,

And I am from meeting each other every Chinese New Year, and I am from going to pagoda every Pchum Ben.

I am from Unbroken, and Jurassic World,

And I am from Preah Vihear with Eco 3, and I am from visiting Thailand with family.

I am from Literacy, math, and Science Technology,

And I am from sofa, and refrigerator.

I am from Phnom Penh, and I am from Cambodia,

But most of all, I am from Happiness and Care.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

Who Am I poem

In my Literacy class, we have practiced writing a poem from the textbook we learnt. It is pretty much similar to a short description of who you are. Enjoy your reading!

am Malika.
I am 13 years old
and I’m the first child in my family!
I live in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia.
I enjoy myself learning math and science,
but literacy is the first choice of all.
My favorite sport is frisbee.
I love school and family
and also all my friends.
I am Malika.

Changing Cambodia 2014 – 2015

Currently, Cambodia’s not a developed country yet and so it might have lots of problems which I can usually kind of visualize everyday. The big issue about a not developed country is poverty. Poverty can causes a lot of changes to happen and mostly corruption, but also the lack of human resources. Two main ideas that I am focusing on are education and health care. Assuming that you’re in a poor family. Everyday you try your best to sell things and do works just to get money for your kids to go to school and you hope that in the future they will be able to change the family livelihood. Every time your kids go to school, they need to pay extra money otherwise the teachers won’t teach you so seriously or focusing on teaching because all of those teachers don’t get much salary. So they need to somehow collect the money from students to be able to feed their family. If this still keep happening, in the future, there will be a lack of human resources because there are more poor people than rich people that don’t get enough education so they all can’t change the job and just keep following their ancestors of doing farming. That is how poverty affects to education system. For health care, it might also affects big parts of the country as well. As you all know that Cambodia has more rural places than cities and in those places do not have so many hospitals. If there are less hospitals and those hospitals needs all the patients to pay extra money to get treatment, then the amounts of people will be decreasing because those people in the rural place don’t have lots of money and how can they get treatment? This will also affects other part of the country. Overall not only because of corruption problems in poverty that causes those, but there are even more reasons as I listed below:

  1. Parents let the kids go to sell things instead of studying
  2. Government give too low salary to the teachers
  3. People do not get enough food (poor people)
  4. There’s not a lot of schools
  5. Natural disasters stop kids from going to school
  6. Lack of education about health care

My solutions for those two big problems are:

  1. The government should pay the teachers high salary
  2. Government should encourage orphan to go to orphanage
  3. We should create social program that can teach kids about health care
  4. Parents should let their kids go to school insteading of working to get money for them
  5. When there are disasters, kids should be able to learn by themselves; learning is everywhere


Did I actually made changes?

I think I actually made changes by teaching kids in the organizations called Tiny Toones and Green Umbrella when I was in Liger Tech Support Exploration about ways that they can use softwares to involve with their learning instead of playing games. By doing this, I need to study about different softwares and analyze the pros and cons to see which one can help the students with their learning more and what sort of programs should it be for kids that are around seven years old. I also made other changes by creating my own google sites that includes different learning websites sources for kids and adults to play at freetime.


Sharing Ideas to the world:

During the Sharation at DI, I have shared things that I have done in Liger Tech Support and how my team have collaborated with other organizations in order to help fixing their technology problems.