Coming of Age Narrative Essay

In English literacy, we have done one main project which is a narrative essay about coming of age. It took us a few weeks to brainstorm, write, revise and finalize. At first, we brainstorm the moment that we feel important in our life, a moment that we feel more mature, the coming of age moment. Second, we try to write up to two to three pages. Then, we revise both grammatical errors and the context, to ensure that it makes sense. Next, we edit with a partner. Lastly, we evaluate ourselves with a rubric. In doing this process, we also learn about parallel sentences and concision.

Women of the Future poem

Women of the Future

I am a child.
I am all the things of my past.
I am the technologist of my mother, strong and intelligent.
I am the thinker of my father, tall and competent.
I am the braininess of my mother.
I am all I see
My little brother studying hard, to prepare for his test and quiz.
Mom cooked food in the evening for whole family.
Talling buildings that are always changing.
My friends studying and discussing with me in the class.

I am all I hear
Water dropping off the plants.
Sound of people singing.
Wind blowing the leaves like boiling water.
People throwing rubbish like the sound of stepping on plastic.
I am all I feel and taste
Stepping on the wet floor.
Flavourful taste of fried ginger with pork, I eat with my family.
Cool weather at night in the forest.
Fried potato chips my parents made for me.
And all I remember.
The first trip with the whole school.
Going to Phnom Tamao zoo.
Playing with my old friend in the school.
Finding out the answer in math class.

I am all I have been taught
Learning grammar in all of my school.
Writing article and essay in class.
Typing on the computer.
Playing football and swimming.

I am all I think
Cambodia will become a developed country.
People reduce, reuse and recycle the plastic.
Children will get more education.
All people will have good livelihoods.
I am all those things.
I am like a puppy.
And these things are my mew
But one day
I will escape
And be free
I’m the women of the future. Malika

I Am From Poem

This is another type of poem that we took the format from the textbook. Every student in our school wrote their own poem and below is my writing.


I am from soccer, and basketball,

And I am from fried hot chicken, and fried ginger.

I am from school, and pagoda,

And I am from frisbee, and typing web.

I am from my aunt, my parents, and my friends,

And I am from meeting each other every Chinese New Year, and I am from going to pagoda every Pchum Ben.

I am from Unbroken, and Jurassic World,

And I am from Preah Vihear with Eco 3, and I am from visiting Thailand with family.

I am from Literacy, math, and Science Technology,

And I am from sofa, and refrigerator.

I am from Phnom Penh, and I am from Cambodia,

But most of all, I am from Happiness and Care.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed!

Who Am I poem

In my Literacy class, we have practiced writing a poem from the textbook we learnt. It is pretty much similar to a short description of who you are. Enjoy your reading!

am Malika.
I am 13 years old
and I’m the first child in my family!
I live in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia.
I enjoy myself learning math and science,
but literacy is the first choice of all.
My favorite sport is frisbee.
I love school and family
and also all my friends.
I am Malika.

English Writing – Literacy Class


I go to an unusual school. It’s called Liger Learning Center (LLC). Currently there are only 50 students in this school. Students here do not pay money to come to school because we all were selected by doing difficult tests. This school is a boarding school which is so different from most of the schools in Cambodia because a lot of them are just government or private schools that students go to learn in the morning and then come back in the afternoon. As Liger is a boarding school, there are presently four houses. Those houses are for students who are from the provinces. We learn five days a week, but our study curriculum does not follow the government schools. We have this irregular class which is called Exploration. Exploration is the class that we focus on one subject and learn about it for seven weeks. There are usually four explorations during seven weeks. A lot of Explorations have trips to go outside into provinces or other countries. During the weekends we have other activities such as Karate, Khmer Dance, Hip Hop and Frisbee. These classes are chosen by the students themselves. All students can rest and do their homeworks on weekend also and get ready to class on Monday. Out of all I think that this is a really good school because we do not copy the learning curriculum from other school and we have special opportunities to learn new things from a lot of people in different ways.