Tropical Forest Ecology


Name: Tropical Forest Ecology

Date: May 5 2014 – June 17 2014

Number of People: 12

Essential Questions:

1. How are organisms and the nonliving environment interconnected in the world around us?

2.  What is the value of tropical forest ecosystems for Cambodia?

3. How do humans impact tropical forest ecosystems in Cambodia? Is it possible to use tropical forests sustainably?

Description: In Tropical Forest Ecology we learned about Ecosystems. Ecosystems are a community of organisms that are interconnected and connected with non-living things. We went on two trips because we wanted to experience and see forest directly.We went to Preah Vihear and Koh Kong provinces. When we came back we compared the dry deciduous dipterocarp forest ecosystem (Preah Vihear province) with the evergreen forest ecosystem (Koh Kong province). In Preah Vihear we went to Tmatboey community and in Koh Kong we went to Chi Phat community. We learned about conservation. Conservation means taking care or protecting something. While we learned about conservation, we also learned about sustainable and unsustainable. Sustainable is the action that does not destroy the ecosystem. Unsustainable is the action that destroys the ecosystem. We learned about ecotourism. Ecotourism is tourism that uses and benefits the ecosystem. That is one way that we use ecosystems sustainably.Also we learned about ecological services. Ecological services are the benefits that people get from ecosystems. There are three ecological services such as provisioning services, regulating services and cultural services. Provisioning services are how the ecosystem provides us directly. Ex: Trees give us resin. Regulating services are how the ecosystem regulates the climate. Ex: Trees stop the floods by absorbing the water. Cultural services are how the ecosystems give us something culturally. Ex: Bambuti people use forest plants to smoke for their ceremonies.  We answered our essential questions by using the knowledge that we got from our trips.

Changing Cambodia 2013 – 2014

I haved changed some parts of Cambodia with my exploration and some activities with my friends. In my second exploration, Renewable Energy group, I went to Kompong Speu to study about the biodigester but I also helped them too. My whole group and I promised that we’ll install one bidodigester in Camkids and Hap. In doing this we met a lot of problems and one of the problems is: we don’t have enough time because the exporation is already end and all of us were very busy with our new exploration and other stuff. Even we all are so busy, but we’re already promised with them so we must finished it. At the end, we all had finished it and we are so excited because this is our first projects that we all had tried very hard to finished and also there’s lots and lots of problem that we met. Two more things that made us happy are: (1) We had to write proposal to the Donor and proposal is not an easy writing and some adults do not even know what is a proposal. (2) We helped to install a biodigester but we also make more connection with others and we helped them to learn and know more new words, have fun and learn some khmer games.
I also made changed in my others exploration too. I created the blog and shared it with others. In the blog, my group shared about what we studied and most of the things that we shared is about our trips in Cambodia. When we shared about Cambodia we helped Cambodia to have more tourists and when Cambodia have more tourists, the economies get better and people can have more money to feed their family and for their children to go to study. It’s s the happiest thing to help Cambodia to get develop. I am Cambodian, helping Cambodia is what I should do.