Coming of Age Narrative Essay

In English literacy, we have done one main project which is a narrative essay about coming of age. It took us a few weeks to brainstorm, write, revise and finalize. At first, we brainstorm the moment that we feel important in our life, a moment that we feel more mature, the coming of age moment. Second, we try to write up to two to three pages. Then, we revise both grammatical errors and the context, to ensure that it makes sense. Next, we edit with a partner. Lastly, we evaluate ourselves with a rubric. In doing this process, we also learn about parallel sentences and concision.

Mission in Phnom Penh

At the beginning of this school year, after a long summer break, we started our first week with a day to go out and explore the society. In a team of four, I was given tasks to interview people about their beliefs on dinosaurs, contact a place about the price of chickpeas and… We had to walk around Phnom Penh, without any facilitators and using our own ways to navigate the roads in order to complete the tasks. It was a great experience to be on my own with my friends without a teacher. 

Frisbee competition in Philippines

On August 16th,  I left to the Philippines with the other five students, my learning facilitator, Alli, and the Cambodian Ultimate Frisbee team (including some foreigners). We were a team representing Cambodia to compete in the Asian Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships. It was my first time ever to travel overseas to compete in sports. Our team lost due to the lack of experience, both playing together as a team and competing in tournaments. However, it was a great experience to attend such an event. We hope to join again next time!


Basketball is an after school extension. I join basketball because I feel like in basketball, you really need to collaborate and understand the strategies. Compared to other sports, you have little to no time to hesitate when playing basketball. You have to think and react swiftly. I find it hard to play, shoot and dribble, but I still entertain it very much.


A new school called “Bambujaya” is opening up and needed to hire curriculum developers to rewrite all the Khmer grade one textbooks, Khmer Literacy, Math and Science and Social Studies. The modifications made were mostly due to gender equity and stereotypes, words that aren’t commonly used, and images that look harmful or aren’t associated with Cambodia. Since photo enhancement is necessary in order to rewrite the textbooks, we have recruited some Liger students to illustrate pictures and take photos for us with a clear written contract. With two weeks left, instead of continuing to revise the textbooks, we have chosen main content (chapter) from each textbook and adding activities to it. Then, we convert all the ideas we brainstormed into Prezi presentations. The Exploration ended, but it continues into an Expertise because we need to keep improving and finalize the product.

Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP Com Sci)

Advanced Placement Computer Science (AP CS) is a course of programming. In this class, we learn how to code with Java. These first several weeks, we learned how to use basic calculations, learned about primitive types and non-primitive types of data and studied the foundations. The class is a preparation for the AP Stats exam in February.

Friction Lab

Physic is a quite hard subject to comprehend because there aren’t a lot of real examples to represent the equations. One of the things we did in class was a lab experiment. Using tape, and different sandpapers on a wooden ramp, we tried to find the coefficient of friction to make the object moves.
Picture of the activity is being sent…

Advanced Placement Statistics (AP Stats)

AP Statistics is important not because you can take an exam and get credits for the university, but because of the effectiveness of it. Unlike geometry, algebra or trigonometry, you can use it in everyday life. You can use this skill to analyze statistics and predicting values. For example, you would use an equation that has two variables to plug in one value and predict another. 

Ministry Day

On 12th January, 2015, the second day we came back from a 3-week holiday, Liger had a big event. There were about 50 people coming here including 34 high school principals in Phnom Penh and from the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. The event was created for Liger students to offer a presentation that indicates what we do at Liger. There were seven presentations in different locations that were presented for seven times as we were doing a rotation every 30 minutes. On that day, I was in Liger Learning Model group and I presented about assessment on Changing Cambodia. Below is what I presented about:

How did I:
– think about change
– raise awareness about necessary change
– try to promote and encourage change
– develop the possibility of change
– actually create change in Cambodia this year

On the day before, I’ve practiced presenting lots of times both in Khmer and English. All the other groups had finished rehearsing and seemed to be ready for the next day, but not for my group. That made me a bit nervous and didn’t feel confident enough, but I still did it anyway. When the next day arrived, I was ready to go. The first time I presented, I was a bit scary, but as I did the presentation a lot of times, it was getting much more convenience. I think everyone did a really great job on presenting although we had only one day to rehearse, but at the end we still got a lot of good comments from them.

Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations is an event where a school hosted and invites their own students and other schools to join. In this event, there are different classes and all the students that participate in here represent different countries. Between 23rd and 25th October, my other nine friends and I participated in the the fourth year of ISSP MUN. It was the first time for all of us. When I just knew that I have been chosen to participate in that event, I felt so surprised although i didn’t even know what is MUN. After my teacher, Jan, told me, I started to feel anxious and thrilled because it’s a good opportunity for me to explore new things and have new experiences with others, but I only have about five days to prepare. All my other friends have more time than me to prepare because they worked on those five nights (2 hours each night) with our teachers. For me,