Verbal Harassment Research

For the research project this year, I decided to investigate on a social problem: sexual harassment. I find this topic to be something that mainstream media do not usually discuss. Moreover, it is in our culture to not commonly converse about such topic with the rest. On this topic, I mainly focus on verbal harassment. Just like physical harassment, verbal harassment is a common form of sexual harassment. Victims of verbal harassment, though may not experience any form of physical harassment, can be still be traumatized by the experience. I am focusing on female high-school students. I chose female high school students as my research target. The reason behind this is because in an environment like high schools, girls are surrounded with more boys and may can easily find themselves criticized verbally, when there is no adults around. Throughout this research project, I would like to examine the experiences of the verbal-harassed victims, and the effects it had on them afterwards, while also comparing the differences of verbal harassment between the city and the province.

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