Speech and Debate

Aside from picking a topic and debate for an hour, we redirect our focus on strategies used in speaking or even the voices that are stated in pictures. That includes formal speeches, presentation, posters or flyers in the advertisement. In other words, we learned about rhetorical appeals. There are three which are Ethos,  Pathos, and Logos. Ethos is about how you convince an audience of your credibility. Pathos appeals to emotion which could sometimes be irrational and unpredictable  Logos is the use of logic and reason, using factual knowledge to convince the audience.  For example, analogy, examples, citations of research or statistics. After trying to comprehend these three rhetorical appeals, we took it to another level by applying one of these three when giving a one-minute speech. You are given three words. Then you need to make connections between the three words and give a persuasive speech using one of the three appeals. It’s very useful to take a closer look at the art of persuasion because, in our daily life, we apply these strategies in our speech without even noticing it. 

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