Solar Pi Grant Writing

In order to get funds to implement the Solar Pi project in two pilot schools, a grant proposal was required. This money is to support the Solar Pi Exploration Round 2, which I am not a part of.

Summary of Solar Pi Exploration: Implement Solar Pi into two government schools to test out the program. If it works well within these two schools, the program can be expanded in a wider range Cambodia. Solar Pi runs by using the converted energy from the sun; it has a long-term durability. In countries like Cambodia, it’ll be an advantage because of the vast amount of sunlight. By using Solar Pi, little to no money is required, unlike electricity. We can install offline applications including English and 3D program that students can self-teach during free time. This will raise their proficiency to the highest levels before graduating from high school which will further be beneficial for the students and Cambodia. 

However, without the money, the project won’t process. The grant is strenuous. You have to understand most parts of the project, have every little piece of information, brainstorm an outline for the grant, and finally, fill out all the sections of the grant. Furthermore, persuasive language is necessary. It was really quite a challenge because it was my first time. Lastly, the grant was finalized and sent out and hopefully, it’ll be accepted! 

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